House of Incentives Ch 1. Updates

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Saturday, June 1, 2024


  1. Launched House of Incentives Chapter 1, focusing on collecting Mbadges to build on-chain reputation graphs.

  2. Over 70,000 users participated, collecting 1.4 million attestations.

  3. Campaign end date extended to June 30th, 2024, after a community poll.

  4. More Mbadges with dynamic badges and attestations to be introduced.

  5. "Hands of Support" reward tiers will offer future benefits, with details coming in June.

Recap on House of Incentivies

On 10th April, we launched the first chapter of our pre-incentivized testnet phase, marking the genesis of our pre-token incentive program. The main requirement of this phase was for participants to engage with their favorite ecosystem and collect Mbadges. Simultaneously, participants were encouraged to take their reputation graphs on-chain by collecting XPs and attestations. You can find more detailed information here: House of Intentivies Season 1.

In the twelve weeks since the program's launch, we have received tremendous love and support from everyone in the Mercle community. This has motivated us to work even more closely with our community to create the right product.

So far, over 70,000 users have participated, and together they have collected over 1.4 million attestations. Please note that these attestations are just the surface layer of your reputation graph. As we progress along our product roadmap, we will incorporate additional data sources and smart ML models to enrich your reputation graph even more and provide exclusive incentive opportunities from different ecosystems.

End date: 30th June

Originally, the end date was set for May 30. However, after receiving feedback from the community on May 24, 2024, we decided to conduct a poll to determine whether to extend the timeline for collecting MBADGEs. Of the 399 community members who participated in the poll, *194 voted in favor of the extension* while 181 voted against it.

Consequently, House of Incentives Chapter 1 will be extended for an additional four weeks. *However, we do not plan any further extensions, and the campaign will conclude on June 30th, 2024*. Snapshots will be taken on June 30th,2024.


MBADGEs are the primary criteria for participating in Chapter 1: House of Incentive. There are currently 33 mbadges available, collected from various ecosystems. These ecosystems have been handpicked to ensure a variety of options for each user, as everyone has unique preferences. Over the next four weeks, more mbadges will be introduced. All of the new badges will also be dynamic badges, embedded with attestations. You can learn more about MBADGEs here.

Now, why are these important?

1. Number of MBADGEs: The more MBADGEs you have, the better. Reason: They represent the diversity of your onchain footprint.

2. XP points: Each Mbadge has three categories of XP point attestations embedded within it.

  • 1. Defi XP

  • 2. Social XP

  • 3. Community XP

Reason: These translate your on-chain interactions into a quantifiable score specific to each category.

3. Username: This is the name of your Mbadge. Reason: Used to filter out bots and similar patterns (filtering has no connection with the length of the username).

In the future, Mbadges will serve as the building blocks for creating a reputation graph for users specific to each ecosystem. Users will be able to unlock more early and exclusive opportunities based their reputation graph.

Note: If you have collected any badges before the announcement of Chapter 1, they will also be accounted for.

Hands of Support

"Hands of Support" is the exclusive reward collection for Chapter 1, featuring three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each tier will offer different supply and reward benefits in the future.

A detailed article outlining the eligibility and distribution mechanism for drops will be shared in the first week of June.

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