House of Incentives — Chapter 1

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


This announcement article comprises three major reveals:

  • The Allocation,

  • The Hands,

  • The MBADGEs.


We are proud to announce that we successfully brought the genesis block of the private testnet to life last Sunday, marking a significant milestone in our roadmap. Mercle Network, at its core, will become a pool of reputation fragments from the users of Web3 and, in the future, the whole internet.

We aim to establish a layer that runs parallel to the whole internet, beginning with Web 3. Unlike typical layers, the Mercle Network communicates and stores proofs of user activity. More like a pool of attributes that can be indexed by anyone to discover the best match for presenting an opportunity to them. Currently, we are witnessing early adoption of programs that promote transparency and sharing within their communities. These projects offer community incentives, such as airdrops and presents. Future applications, such as new user interfaces, improved governance, bounty programs, and more, anticipate the use of Mercle.” ~ Nischit (CTO — Mercle).

It’s clear to us that the core of the Mercle Network lies in the hands of our community. The network revolves around you and depends on you, and we feel obliged to lead the journey of making unique possibilities accessible and available for all deserving users. Hence, we found this is the best time to reveal what we have for our community.

The Allocation

The Mercle Network concludes its current roadmap with maximum layer decentralization. To support its decentralization theory, the network will use $MRCL.

"We want $MRCL to be the community’s first token, and therefore we are proud to announce that we have decided to allocate between 70% of the total supply of $MRCL to the community, out of which initial incentives will also be given out." — Pash, (Founder Mercle).

The Hands

The NFT collection consists of 3 tiers — Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

It will be deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and will be available for free mint. Yes, these NFTs will be tradable, and the distribution of NFTs will happen in May 2024. After the snapshot is taken, the users will be grouped into clusters and awarded these NFTs. We will soon announce the breakdown of these clusters.


We recently launched MBADGEs. These MBADGEs are the first step towards our incentivized testnet journey. They are acting as data storage vaults for users’s attestations. These attestations are the building blocks for his reputational journey. You can read more about MBADGEs here: MBADGEs: Now, Future And FAQs.

With more than 28 ecosystems being tracked, a user has a pretty big base to build their reputation on via the Mercle Network. All the MBADGEs can be viewed here:, along with your total MBADGEs and the De-Fi XP inside them. The future of MBADGEs is retroactive and dynamic. You’ll be able to claim attestation and build your reputation based on your previous karma as well as dynamic point allocation. This means that the more volume, the more XPs you will earn.

Words From The Intern

"This is not the end. More chapters and episodes coming soon. Until then Happy Collecting and join our discord server for chatting with the earliest members of the Mercle family." ~ Mercle Intern.

Frequently Asked Question

What are MBADGEs
Refer to this Medium Article

What is House of Incentives
House of Incentives campaign is a part of our pre-incentivized testnet. Participating in the chapters would help you unlock $MRCL rewards. The current Chapter 1 revolves around MBADGEs. The more MBADGEs you collect and complete the de-fi actions inside them, you’ll fight for the flagship NFT of this chapter, “Hands of Support”. This flagship collection has three tiers — silver, gold, and platinum, The more MBADGEs you collect, the better your chance of getting the rarer “Diamond Hands NFT.” We will disclose the exact criteria post snapshot.

Is this Mercle’s Incentivised Testnet?
House of Incentives is a part of Mercle’s pre-incentivized testnet. The participants of this campaign will also be receiving the $MRCL community rewards.

When Mercle Testnet, ser?
We are currently in the pre-testnet phase. Although we have already initiated the chain, it is still under further development. The public testnet is expected to be available around Q3 of 2024.

What and why “Claim Toll”?
Due to a few reasons:
A) Filter bots:
The amount required is minimal, ensuring only serious individuals will join. At this phase, our system is not prepared to be open to everyone.
B) Future Incentives:
The MBADGEs are deployed only on L2s for now to help users save their gas.
C) Reward Pool & DAO Treasury:
The revenue generated from these mints will be used for the reward pool and future DAO treasury to be controlled by the community.

How will XP or MBADGEs simultaneously affect my reputation and allocation?
MBADGEs serve as a non-transferable visual representation of your contributions to Mercle. The more tasks you complete, the more XPs (points) you earn. The volume and type of tasks are key indicators of your reputation. MBADGEs act as data vaults for these actions. Soon, we plan to introduce a flow where you can complete tasks first and mint NFTs afterward.

How do I get my PoC (proof of contribution)?
You can mint MBADGEs and then collect PoC attestations inside them. For minting the NFT you can goto a campaign of your choice and click on Mint NFT, post this you will be able to click on verify to get your PoC.

Do I need to mint all the MBADGEs?
The more, the better.

Is this an official partnership between Mercle and the respective protocol?
No. There is no official partnership. If you are looking from the perspective of farming, we suggest not doing it.

How will the community tokens be allocated?
The tokenomics, vesting schedules, and projected usage will be shared soon. Also, note that the above-mentioned allocation can adjusted by 10–13% based on future community and strategic future investment rounds.