Technical Overview

Friday, May 10, 2024

Friday, May 10, 2024


  1. Mercle is a blockchain, secured by Ethereum and optimized with Arbitrum Nova for scalability.

  2. It features a reputation and incentive network with autonomous reward distribution.

  3. Includes a privacy-preserving Identity Protocol and a Decentralized Compute and Data Aggregator Network.

  4. Aims to return control of identity data to users, ensuring privacy and enhancing transparency in web3 applications.

Introducing Mercle

Imagine a user-empowered internet where value is distributed fairly and privacy is a guaranteed right, not an optional add-on.

Mercle was founded with the mission of creating a globally-inclusive reputation and incentive network, owned by the users. If successful, Mercle could give back ownership of user identity data back to users while preserving privacy, unlock innovation for developers and applications with fair and transparent incentives system. It will serve as a reputation layer for new internet applications.

Mercle consists of the Mercle Blockchain, a global ledger for variable reputation data with autonomous reward distribution (secured by Ethereum as an L3 and engineered for scalability with Arbitrum Nova), a privacy-preserving Identity Protocol, and a Decentralised Compute and Data Aggregator Network.

Mercle Blockchain: Global Ledger for variable Reputation Data with Autonomous Reward Distribution

The Mercle Blockchain, created by Apex Labs, is specifically designed to meet the requirements of incentive design and distribution on a large scale. Developed with incentives in mind, this blockchain enables web3 users to control their reputation data across the internet. It offers developers a ready-to-use customizable incentive logic and establishes a fully decentralized ecosystem promoting trust and transparency among all participants. By utilizing Ethereum's robust security measures, the Mercle Chain strengthens its resilience against potential hacks and vulnerabilities.

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