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[ mish-uhn ] noun

Build a transparent, self-sovereign reputation layer that promotes innovation, creativity, and equitable incentive distribution.

The reputation layer allows users to own and verify their reputation in a privacy-preserving way across the ecosystem, unlocking new benefits. This unlocks the way for a system where incentives are designed and distributed equitably.

Internet communities can not only create products and services, but they can also co-own them democratically according to their own rules. The reputation layer unlocks the full potential of the rewards users can gain as loyal customers, including owning a stake in the form of tokens.


[ vizh-uhn ] noun

The next generation of the internet will transform users into owners via tokenization.

In the next generation of the internet, a radical transformation will occur. Users will no longer be just consumers of content. Instead, they will become owners. This shift will be enabled by the power of tokenization, a phenomenon that will redefine online interactions and business models.


[ eth-iks ] noun

Community Owned, Self Sovereign, Decentralized & Open source.

Community ownership is crucial; the envisioned version can only be achieved if a significant majority of this network is owned by the users.


[ strat-i-jee ] noun

Develop a distribution network of the most valuable internet users, establish their reputation graph, and provide them with the best rewards.

Build a powerful data layer that enables anyone to build innovative user experiences based on global interoperable reputation data.


[ gos-uhp ] noun

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a part of the project, join our Discord and say, "Hey! 👋"

Join our discord server and be part of the rep family there. We have community townhalls, play games and brainstorm together, like a family.